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"..horses radiate immense trust in the universe. Intelligent and highly adaptable, they embody strength, freedom, spirit, gentleness, beauty, authenticity, loyalty, and grace...(they) navigate the paradox of nourishing individual and group consciousness simultaneously ...can we, as humans, learn to do the same?"


Linda Kohanov

About Equine Assisted Therapy

Horse Spirit Project

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for an informal discussion


Horse are congruent and empathic animals that can

mirror our emotions and teach us about power and boundaries,

whilst connecting us to what lies hidden or buried within ourselves.


This innate mirroring provides an opportunity for us to change behaviour

and witness immediate responses.


As Equine Assisted Psychotherapists (EAP) we will help you in exploring issues of power, authenticity, communication, assertiveness and self worth.

All with the help of the Horses.


The work is experiential in nature so you can learn through experiencing,

by participating in activities with the horses, then

processing the feelings afterwards.


Together we will set clear goals you wish to achieve


An initial assessment will take place to ensure this form of therapy

is suitable to your needs.

If not, we will discuss with you the further options available.


Further sessions will also establish Health and Safety, horse handling,

how EAP works and set structures for the work.


EAP is a non-riding experience and

open to anyone with or without horse experience.



Individual Sessions: £130 per 2 hours, dependent upon income


Horses are kept in Newton Wood Farm

Newtonwood Lane

Newton, Alfreton

DE55 5SG

- click here for directions


Group sessions: can be arranged. Prices are set according to times and numbers

(enquires are taken throughout the year and groups scheduled accordingly)