Critical Incident Debriefing


"In a world where violence, accidents and disasters are on the increase,

more and more people are becoming involved in traumatic incidents which may

develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and require treatment. The technique

of Critical Incident Debriefing has been devised to help victims of trauma, enabling

them to work through the experience and come to terms with it."


Frank Parkinson "Critical Incident Debriefing: Understanding and Dealing with Trauma"



CID is a facilitated and time-limited group session intended to help participants process

and deal with the emotional/psychological impact of an adverse event and to resume effective safe practice. They are work based sessions often organized by an employer and

may save the organization the possibility of losing staff members.


In a debriefing a trained person helps the individual understand the event

and their lack of ability to control situations.

Not all situations or persons need a debriefing.

Sometimes just talking is enough to start the process of healing.


Our CID facilitator (Maya Gagni) is also a trained Psychotherapist and Trauma Therapist.

She has extensive expericence in supporting people throught a number

of traumatic experiences.


After hours and weekend appointments are also available.

Call us now to discuss your organisation’s needs and how we can help you.


We will come to you organisation to facilitate a Critical Incident Debrief.


Fees: Fees are set in accordance to the organization's needs.

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What is Critical Incident Debriefing

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